Harvey, Rutledge Jr. Join East Bay Winner’s Lists



Several new names were added to the feature winners list for the 2018 season at East Bay Raceway Park as five divisions competed in Saturday night action.
In the Late Model Sportsman main event, Bruce Harvey grabbed the lead on a lap 4 restart to pace the rest of the way in the 15-lap main. Harvey had passed Phillip Cobb to take over second on lap three, setting himself up to make the choice on the Ybor City restart. Harvey chose the low line and outgunned race leader Forrest Gough for the lead. The feature win capped a perfect night as Harvey had won the heat race in the class. It was Harvey’s first feature win of 2018.
Bryan Bernhardt capitalize on a great start at the drop of the green to complete a wire-to-wire win the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds. In grabbing his third feature win of the season, Bernhardt added to his current point lead. Runner-up Austin Sanders closed in the late stages,but could not catch Bernhardt. Phillip Cobb and Bernhardt had won preliminaries.
Nick Brown scored his fourth V8 Warrior main event of the season in convincing fashion. Brown, who started last in a 17-car field, had charged into the top five by the sixth lap. Brown took the lead as the field was coming to complete lap 11, slipping past Collin Kruse. Heat race winner were Scott Bane and Jason Burnside.
John Craddock returned to the cockpit after a five-month absence and didn’t miss a beat in winning the Florida Mini-Sprint Association 15-lapper. The race ran without a caution and Craddock kept the competition at bay throughout. Craddock, who won his heat, fended off an early challenge from fellow heat winner Russ Heider, who slipped back with mechanical issue. A late charge by Robby Hoffman came up a bit short and Craddock parked in Victory Lane.
Ricky Rutledge Jr. went from a victim of misfortune three weeks ago to a feature race winner in the Gladiator competition. Rutledge, who opened the night with a heat race win, started sixth in the feature. Dustin Wilson grabbed the early race lead and had a strong run going. Rutledge, meanwhile’ was making a move to the front. He got a good run off turn two and slipped inside to take the lead. From there, there was no looking back as his first feature win came after weeks of hard work to repair the race car and get it competitive again. Daniel Bowman won his heat, but could not start the feature.
East Bay Raceway Park will return to action on July 21. Summer hours are in effect with hot laps at 7 and racing beginning at 7:30. The July 21 schedule includes the Q Auto & Injury Sprints, Micro Sprints, Street Stocks, Outlaw 4s and Florida Old Time Modifieds.
Bruce Harvey (27), Phillip Cobb (03), Forrest Gough (21), Bill Howard Sr. (45), Buck Woodhouse (55), John Bradley (45B), Don Sniff (10), TJ LaFlamboy (44). DNS – Jared Allison (18)
Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Austin Sanders (64), Phillip Cobb (03), Dale Kelley (22), David Pollen Jr. (88), Billy Howard Jr. (47), Roger Crouse (15), Michael Cherry (17C), Pat Passanise (24), John Zuidema Jr. (47Z), Don Crandall (9c)
Nick Brown (17), Collin Kruse (92), Scott Bane (23B), Tommy Hill (5H), Michael Hart (99), Raymond Vann (32), George Handy (105), Jeff Edgar (98x), Jessica Robbins (09), Jeff Weaver (26), B.J. Feiden (115), Robert Grant (36), Jason Burnside (12J), Kalen Maynard (2), Gary Lucas (23), Nate Whitehurst (07), Alan Smith (67)
John Craddock (71), Robby Hoffman (66), David Hall (67), Austin Craddock (17), Joe Askew (78j), Adam Barnes (64), Brad Sutton (9), Russ Heider (86), Jamie Tinkham (51). DNS – Dallas Casey (87)
Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Bailey Purcell (14), Jeff Smith (15), Patrick Tabb (03), Daniel Casey (3D), Mark Roadarmel Jr. (81), Brittany Hart (81H), Logan Casteel (7), Rick Rutledge Sr. (4), Johnathan Wood (56B), Dustin Wilson (42), Kever Raulerson (99r), Kenneth Rowe (03T), Robert Kissam (911), Wayne Kissam (07). DNS – Daniel Bowman (46) . DQ – Thomas Adams (T2)

Racing Cancelled June 30. Next Racing July 14

A Message from Al Varnadore

Sometimes, it is just no fun to be a Floridian!! With the amount of rain we have already received this week and the forecast being 80% for today, we are canceling racing for today! (June 30)
Hope and pray that everyone enjoys a great, fun and safe 4th of July week!
Our next event will be July 14, 2018 with the Gagel’s Modifeds, Late Model Sportsman, V-8 Warriors, Gladiators and Wingers Mini-Sprints in action!!
Note to Late Model Sportsman drivers: Late Model Sportsman will be allowed to run D21, D55, Crate 21 or 55 for the July 14th event. 1300s will be mandatory on July 28th event.

Morgan, Horton, Boyd Lead East Bay Winners

It was Full House Night for East Bay Raceway Park with the added attraction of Dirts4Racing Street Stocks. The top prize for the 25-lap Street Stock main was $750, but only one driver could walk away with the win.

When the checkered flag flew for the Street Stocks, Brian Morgan was destined for Victory Lane. Early race leader Greg Crowe set the pace for the first five laps until a mechanical issue would force his retirement. Brian Morgan inherited the front spot, holding off the charge of Michael Stalnaker, who also had his hands full with Tim Gay. Scotty Kay Jr. and Tim Powers climbed into the top five late in the race, but Morgan could not be stopped from the victory. Morgan had visited East Bay last week, but found the track to be much different than what he had experienced seven days before.

Stalnaker claimed the Street Stock dash to end the night’s racing.

A lap 12 pass put Billy Boyd on his way to his second feature win of the 2018 season. Using the highline, Boyd swept from fourth to second on a mid-race restart. Within a few laps, he slipped past leader Frank Beck and never looked back.

Doug Horton used his pole starting spot to parlay his early race lead into a full-fledged victory in the 30-lap Pro Late Model feature. Horton, the current point leader, had been unsuccessful in his quest for a feature win to this point. Phillip Cobb kept the leader in his sights to finish second.

Austin Sanders went to the lead at the drop of the green and ran a steady pace to hold the competition at bay. Sanders’ initial challenger, point leader Bryan Bernhardt, fell victim to a blown tire on the last lap, yielding second to David Pollen.

Brandon Yates opened the night’s action with a wire-to-wire win in the Outlaw 4s. Nearest challenger Eric Knight was celebrating his birthday, but Yates was not in a giving mood on the evening. It was Brandon Yates’ second feature win of the year.

Nick Brown was a force to be reckoned with in the V8 Warrior main event. Brown seized the lead after inheriting a front row starting spot. The best battles were happening for this behind Raymond Vann. Jessica Robbins and Michael Hart were in close proximity lap after lap. When Vann retired, it became a battle for second and Robbins claimed it for her best finish of 2018.

Daniel Woody was the class of the field in the Late Model Sportsman action. Woody was never passed through the entire race, but there was plenty of overtaking throughout. Trent Wilson slipped around Jared Allison late to move to a comfortable second behind Woody. Forrest Gough recovered from a mid- race spin to grab third.

DJ Taylor passed Kever Raulerson on lap 11 and appeared to be the winner, but the tech inspectors had other ideas. With Taylor’s DQ, Raulerson notched his third feature of the season in Gladiator competition.

East Bay Raceway Park will return to action next week to close out the month of June. Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Late Model Sportsman, V8 Warriors, Sreet Stocks, Micro Sprints and Gladiators will bring exciting action for Saturday night racing.


Brian Morgan (9M), Michael Stalnaker (8), Scotty Kay Jr. (69), Tim Powers (44), Timmy Gay (90), David McCormick (26), Eric Moon (24), Jonathan Croson (94), John Bradley (57), Jesse Brown (12), Justin Rodgers (95), Jim Baker (69X), Henry Burnside (31B), Rich Livernois Jr. (71), Thomas Pratt (22), Robert Allen (98), Randy Shields (23B), David Hildebrant (3H), Thomas Braswell (67), Robert Tyler (9), David Barwick II (89), Craig Montesi (39), Greg Crowe (13). DNS – David Simpson (89X)

DASH – Stalnaker, Morgan, Croson, Pratt, Gay


Billy Boyd (4), Frank Beck (71), Joe Zuczek (50), Dylan Colding (23D), Kurt Taylor (55), Guy Bos (3K), David Slawiak (96), Johnnie Alexander (8), Kyle Connery (91)


Doug Horton (11), Phillip Cobb (03), Steven Brendle (141), Wallace Peacock (21), TJ LaFlamboy (44), John Norris (87), Roger Crouse (15), Megan Meyer (11M), Thomas Burnside (13)


Austin Sanders (64), David Pollen Jr. (88), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Phillip Cobb (03), Roger Crouse (15), Dale Kelley (22), Bill Howard (47), Keven Devrieze (99), John Zuidema Jr. (47Z), Brett Koch (11K), Don Crandall (9c)

Outlaw 4S

Brandon Yates (53), Eric Knight (7V), Cecil Martin (15), Mark Moniz (41e), Vernon Hart Jr. (48), Jake Hampton (19), Nick Hebrank (7), Bob Fleming (88)


Nick Brown (12), Jessica Robbins (09), George Handy (105), Michael Hart (99), Kalen Maynard (2), Scott Bane (23B), Robert Grant (36), Nate Whitehurst (07), Raymond Vann (32), Gary Lucas (23), Jeff Edgar (98x)


Daniel Woody (29), Trent Wilson (64), Forrest Gough (21), Jared Allison (`18), Bill Howard Sr. (45), Buck Woodhouse (55), Wesley Livernois (44), Ed Hill (1H), Bruce Harvey (27), DQ-Scotty Williams (27W)


Kever Raulerson (99R), Daniel Casey (3D), Brittany Hart (81H), Robert Kissam (911), Daniel Bowman (46), Wayne Kissam (07), Dustin Wilson (42), Bailey Purcell (14), Jeff Smith (15), Rick Rutledge Sr. (4), Mark Roadarmel (81), Logan Casteel (7), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Tyler Tirrito (03T), Patrick Tabb (03), Ethan Dansby (26), Johnathan Wood (56B). DQ – DJ Taylor (00)