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Ashton Winger wins Scott Thompson Memorial

Ashton Winger

Ashton Winger is the latest winner of the Scott Thompson Memorial 

Four classes of racing were on the card Saturday night at the Clay by the Bay as racing resumed after last week’s rainout.

The highlight of the night was the annual 50-lap Scott Thompson Memorial race in the Pro Late Model Division. Ashton Winger led the last five laps to capture the win. Phillip Cobb led the first 45 laps with Winger and Horton close behind.  Cobb looked to be the dominant car, but Winger would not be denied. Working through lapped traffic, the Georgia driver would take the lead as the laps wound down. Once in the lead, Winger pulled away for the decisive victory.  Doug Horton was second with Cobb third. Jack Nosbisch, Jr. and Travis Varnadore rounded out the top-5.  Mark Whitener, Stevie Mathis Jr. and Cobb were victorious in the heat races.

In the Outlaw 4s, Billy Dukes went to victory lane in the 15-lap feature. Vernon Hart Jr. finished second, ahead of  Steven Hohlbaugh, Mark Moniz and Bob Fleming. Nick Hebrank won the heat race.

The V8 Warriors put on a good show as Nick Brown went to victory lane.  It was a battle upfront most of the race as Brown sparred with 2017 track champion George Handy, Tommy Hill and Raymond Vann for most of the early race.  Handy finished second with Hill coming home third. Michael Hart drove to a fourth place finish. Jon Basquin had been in the mix early but fell to the rear, fighting back for a fifth place finish. Hill and Handy won the heats.

In the Gladiator division, Kever Raulerson picked up the win. Robert Kissam was second with Jeff Smith third. Daniel Bowman came home fourth after a wild ride as the laps wound down coming off turn 4. Daniel Casey rounded out the top five.  Raulerson and Steve Ashmore won the heat races.

The action cranks up again, Saturday, April 21, when the Top Gun Wingless Sprints, Late Model Sportsman, Street Stocks, FL Old Time Mods, and Mini Sprints hit the track for a night of racing.  We will also be honoring the 2017 champion in the Street Stocks.  The racing starts at 6:30pm.

Outlaw 4s

Billy Dukes Jr. , Vernon Hart Jr., Stephen Hohlbaugh, Mark Moniz, Bob Fleming

V8 Warriors

Nick Brown, George Handy, Tommy Hill, Michael Hart, Jon Basquin

Pro Late Models – Scott Thompson Memorial

Ashton Winger, Doug Horton, Phillip Cobb, Jack Nosbisch Jr, Travis Varnadore


Kever Raulerson, Robert Kissam, Jeff Smith, Daniel Bowman, Daniel Casey



Kevin “Buzzy” Adams Wins Opening Night At 42nd Annual Winternationals At East Bay Raceway Park

Wednesday January 24, 2018 – Tampa, FL – Cameron, Wisconsin’s Kevin “Buzzy” Adams wins opening night kicking off the 42nd Annual Winternationals At East Bay Raceway Park. Finishing in the second spot after an early spin was Bryan Bernhardt of Clearwater with Middleburg’s Mark Whitener finishing in the third position. Winning heats were Kevin Adams (Cameron, WI), Bryan Bernhardt (Clearwater, FL), Kyle Bronson (Brandon, FL), KC Burdette (Parkersburg, WV), and David Pollen, Jr. (Tampa, FL). Burdette was also Quick Time for the night.

In the Street Stocks 15-lap Feature it was Plant City’s Tim Gay winning the feature with Dennis Williams of Zephyrhills finishing second with Okeechobee’s Brian Morgan third. Tim Powers of Okeechobee and Zack Amundsen of Lithia won their heats.

Action continues Thursday night with the UMP/EBRP Open Wheel Modifieds and the Street Stocks. Hot Laps begin around 6:00 pm and qualifying and the acton to follow. For more information you can visit us on the web at or call 813-677-7223

Professional MotorSports Solutions

42nd Annual Winter Nationals – East Bay Raceway Park 1/24/2018

Results – All Classes

Modifeds A-Feature 25-Laps

  1. 40-Kevin Adams
  2. B69-Bryan Bernhardt
  3. 5-Mark Whitener
  4. 70B-Shane Burrows
  5. 12L-Lucas Lee
  6. 1G-Devin Gilpin
  7. 311-Ivadent Lloyd, Jr.
  8. 25-Tyler Nicely
  9. 36-Kenny Wallace
  10. 4-Mavrick Varnadore
  11. 20M-Mike Potosky
  12. 33-Jeff Mathews
  13. 00D-David Reutimann
  14. 15-Roger Crouse
  15. 205-Travis Varnadore
  16. 21s-Seth Daniels
  17. 61-Butch Weiser
  18. 7-Brad Deyoung
  19. 88-David Pollen, Jr.
  20. 03=Phillip Cobb
  21. 40B-Kyle Bronson
  22. 7T-Christian Thomas
  23. 44c-KC Burdette
  24. 98-Shon Flannery
  25. 14C-Rick Conoyer

Street Stock A-Main 15-Laps

  1. 90-Tim Gay
  2. 24-Dennis Williams
  3. 9-Brian Morgan
  4. 71-Rich Livernois, Jr.
  5. 44-Tim Powers
  6. 95-Justin Rodgers
  7. 04-Charles Christian
  8. 12-Jesse Brown
  9. 22-Thomas Pratt
  10. 39-Craig Montesi
  11. 69k-Scotty Kay, Jr.
  12. 270-Matthew Grissom
  13. 2-Ritchie Stephens
  14. 1H-Tommy Hill
  15. 12J-Jason Burnside
  16. 69H-Jason Harrison
  17. 69x-Jim Baker
  18. 20-Zack Amundsen
  19. 14-Chris Combs
  20. 30-Christopher Combs
  21. 33-Trent Wilson
  22. 31-Henry Burnside (DNS)

If you can’t make it to Florida, then there is no better way than to watch it LIVE from the comfort of your living room by clicking this link  for the Modified week. Click this link for the Crate Late Models. Click this link for the King of the 360 Sprints and get 3 exciting weekends of racing here for the 42nd Annual Winternationals here at East Bay Raceway Park.

Steve Mathis, Jr’s Win Disallowed After Tire Testing Results Come In For Dalton Myer’s 54 Topless Late Model Race On December 16, 2017 At East Bay Raceway Park

GIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway it was Jamie Tinkham winning in the Mini Sprints, Collin Kruse in the V8 Warriors, Eric Knight in the Outlaw Fours, Jack Nosbisch, Jr. in the Late Models, Danny Bowman, Jr. in the 4 Cylinder Bombers and John Godwin in the Florida Old Time Modifieds.

In the Mini Sprints 15-lap feature it was Jamie Tinkham winning his tenth feature of the 2017 Season. Finishing second was Robby Hoffman and third went to David Hall.

In the V8 Warriors 15-lap feature it was Collin Kruse picking up the win over second place Raymond Vann and third place Tony Campbell.

In the Outlaw Fours 15-lap feature it was Eric Knight in a wild finish picking up the win with Brandon Yates second and Mark Moniz third.

In the 2nd Annual Dalton Myers 54 Topless Late Model feature it was Jack Nosbisch, Jr. picking up the win after Steve Mathis Jr’s win was disallowed for illegal tires. Finishing in the second spot was Jeff Mathews and third went to Devin Dixon

In the Florida Old Time Modifieds it was John Godwin first, Dan Darnell second with David Kelley third.

And in the final feature of the night it was the 4 Cylinder Bombers 15-lap feature with Danny Bowman, Jr. picking up his eight feature win of the 2017 Season. Finishing in the second spot was Wayne Kissam and third went to Jeff Smith.

Action continues on January 24, 2018 with the 42nd Annual Winternationals with the UMP/EBRP Open Wheel Modifieds and the Hobby Stocks.  For information, visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results

Mini Sprints (15-lap feature)

  1. 51 Jamie Tinkham
  2. 66 Robby Hoffman
  3. 67 David Hall
  4. 1 Carson Canady
  5. 17 Derek Donaldson
  6. 22 Lee Gower
  7. 33 Don T. Quinn
  8. 3 Joe Bartow
  9. 14c Charles Roach (DNS)
  10. 13 Justin Thibodeau (DNS)

V8 Warriors (15-lap feature)

  1. 40 Collin Kruse
  2. 32 Raymond Vann
  3. Ten4 Tony Campbell
  4. 0 James Warden
  5. 105 George Handy
  6. 23 Gary Lucas
  7. 115 BJ Feiden
  8. 4×4 Britt Mann
  9. 7 Kevin Cassaday
  10. 23B Scott Bane
  11. 15k Thomas Koch
  12. 6 Jon Basquin
  13. 09 Jessica Robbins
  14. 10 Justin Meeks
  15. 36 Robert Grand
  16. 12j Jason Burnside
  17. 15 Bill Whitney
  18. 26 Jeff Weaver
  19. 2 Kalen Maynard
  20. 27 Rhett Wilson (DQ)

Outlaw Fours Topless (15-lap feature)

  1. 712 Eric Knight
  2. 53 Brandon Yates
  3. 41e Mark Moniz
  4. 88 Bob Flemming
  5. 47 Michael Ridgeway
  6. 29 William Hampton
  7. 27 Chris Thomas
  8. 19 Jake Hampton
  9. 7 Nick Hebrank
  10. 48 Vernon Hart, Jr.

2nd Annual Dalton Myers 54 Late Models (54-lap feature)

  1. 12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr.
  2. 33 Jeff Mathews
  3. 58 Devin Dixon
  4. 40b Kyle Bronson
  5. 12a Ashton Winger
  6. 27 Bruce Harvey
  7. 21p Josh Peacock
  8. 5 Mark Whitener
  9. 01 Cole Exum
  10. 95h Andrew Hopkins
  11. 1a Mikey Kopka
  12. 141 Steve Brendle
  13. 11m Megan Meyer
  14. 6 Blake Spencer
  15. 11 Doug Horton
  16. 02 Keith Nosbisch
  17. 7t Jonathan Thomas
  18. 3r Ryan Van Sickle
  19. 13. Thomas Burnside
  20. 721 Joe Kump
  21. 33l Ivadent Lloyd
  22. 33x Scotty Williams
  23. 03 Phillip Cobb
  24. 3k Kyle Van Sickle
  25. 9 Jimmy Waldrop
  26. 54 Alex Boerner
  27. 95 Steve Mathis, Jr. (DQ-Tires)

Florida Old Time Modifieds (12-lap feature)

  1. 22g John Godwin
  2. 111 Dan Darnell
  3. 46 David Kelley
  4. 22b Tom McDonald
  5. 1 Jamie Frankland
  6. 7a Charlie Sanders
  7. 3 Charlie Mixon

4 Cylinder Bombers (15-lap event)

  1. 46 Danny Bowman, Jr.
  2. 3d Wayne Kissam
  3. 16 Jeff Smith
  4. T2 Thomas Adams
  5. T4 DJ Taylor
  6. 14b Bailey Purcell
  7. 21 Rodney Martin
  8. 4 Rick Rutledge, Sr.
  9. 124 Ricky Rutledge, Jr.
  10. 911 Robert Kissam
  11. 22 James Dodge
  12. 3 Dwayne Thibodeau
  13. 32 Michael Autenrieth
  14. 91 Daniel Casey
  15. 42 Dustin Wilson
  16. 2 Noah Souza
  17. 55 Davey Martin

December 9, 2017 – Tanner Cobb Wins Very First Feature In Hobby Stocks At East Bay Raceway Park

GIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway it was Michael Meyers winning in the Micro Sprints, Tanner Cobb in the Hobby Stocks, David Pollen, Jr. in the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds, Anthony D’Alessio in the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints, Forrest Gough in the Late Model Sportsman and DJ Taylor in the 4 Cylinder Bombers.

In the Micro Sprints 15-lap feature it was Michael Meyers winning his second feature of the year over second place Kevin Strife and third place Jerod Meyers.

In the 15-lap Hobby Stocks Topless feature it was Tanner Cobb picking up his very first feature win over second place Rich Livernois, Jr. and third place Jim Baker.

In the 15-lap Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds Topless feature it was David Pollen, Jr. back in victory lane over second place Bryan Bernhardt and third place Phillip Cobb.

In the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints 15-lap feature it was Anthony D’Alessio winning with Johnny Gilbertson second and Billy Bridges third.

In the Late Model Sportsman 15-lap feature it was Forrest Gough picking up the win with Jesse Foster finishing second and Andrew Hopkins third.

In the 4 Cylinder Bombers 15-lap feature it was DJ Taylor picking up another win with Daniel Bowman, Jr. second and Thomas Adams third.

Action continues this Saturday December 16th it will be the 2nd Annual Dalton Myers 54 as the Late Models run topless and pays $5,400 to the winner. Also racing will be the Outlaw Fours Topless (optional), V8 Warriors, Florida Old Time Modifieds, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the Mini Sprints. For information, visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results

Micro Sprints (15-lap feature)

  1. 7 Michael Meyers
  2. 46 Kevin Strife
  3. 0 Jerod Meyers
  4. 97z Larry Rarer
  5. 17 Cliff Evans
  6. 3 Joe Bartow
  7. 71 Chris Livernois (DNS)
  8. 23 Paul Seburn (DNS)
  9. 38 Rick Taylor (DNS)

Hobby Stocks Topless (15-lap feature)

  1. 90 Tanner Cobb
  2. 71 Rich Livernois, Jr.
  3. 69x Jim Baker
  4. 55 Buck Woodhouse
  5. 99 Collin Kruse
  6. 89 David Barwick, II
  7. 31 Henry Burnside
  8. 57 John Bradley
  9. 51 Allen Bailey
  10. 29c Bobby Coleman

Gagel’s Open Wheel Modifieds Topless (15-lap feature)

  1. 10 David Pollen, Jr.
  2. B69 Bryan Bernhardt
  3. 03 Phillip Cobb
  4. 22H Bill Howard, Sr.
  5. 47 Billy Howard, Jr.
  6. 2 Devin Dixon
  7. 205 Travis Varnadore
  8. 15 Roger Crouse
  9. 22 Dale Kelley
  10. 64 Austin Sanders
  11. 18 Eric Moon
  12. 99 Keven Devrieze
  13. 84 Ronnie Whitley
  14. 9c Don Crandall
  15. 7T Jonathan Thomas (DNS)

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints (15-lap feature)

  1. 01 Anthony D’Alessio
  2. 22 Johnny Gilbertson
  3. 11b Billy Bridges
  4. 55 Kurt Taylor
  5. 2 Frank Beck
  6.  3k Guy Bos
  7. 21 Justin Webster
  8. 12 David Kelley
  9. 96 Nikole Voisey (DNS)

Late Model Sportsman (15-lap feature)

  1. 21 Forrest Gough
  2. 14j Jesse Foster
  3. 13 Andrew Hopkins
  4. 15 Roger Crouse
  5. 7jr Jesse Brown
  6. 102 Jason Pope
  7. 71 Wesley Livernois
  8. 27 Bruce Harvey
  9. 45 Bill Howard, Sr.

4 Cylinder Bombers (15-lap event)

  1. T4 DJ Taylor
  2. 46 Daniel Bowman, Jr.
  3. T2 Thomas Adams
  4. 13d Wayne Kissam
  5. 14b Bailey Purcell
  6. 6. 91 Daniel Casey
  7. 124 Ricky Rutledge, Jr.
  8. 911 Robert Kissam
  9. 4 Rick Rutledge, Sr.
  10. 21 Rodney Martin
  11. 22d James Dodge
  12. 22L Jeremy Lanier
  13. 20 Stephen Kramer
  14. 16 Jeff Smith (DNS)
  15. 21L Henry Lanier (DQ No Muffler)