Repeat Winners Dominate Full House Night

Throughout the year, East Bay Raceway Park has offered “Full House Nights” where as many as nine classes will be in competition. These nights offer a wide variety of racing action, giving fans a sample of their favorite divisions. The features only event brought a good crowd as just two months remain in the season. The final Full House Night is scheduled for November 10.

The action opened with Outlaw 4s, who were running for the ninth time this year. This division features one of the closest point battles as leader Billy Dukes has a slight advantage over second place Nick Hebrank and leads by 7 over third place Cecil Martin. The story of the night came from outside the top three as Brandon Yates recorded his fifth feature win of the year, moving up in the point standings in the division. Yates is in a spot to move up with just three more appearances for the class in 2018.

The Micro Sprints hit the track for a 15-lap main and point leader Kevin Strife wasted little time in getting to the head of the pack. Strife was able to put together a strong consistent run to keep the lead. Jerod Meyers, seeking his second feature win of the year, tried to reel in the leader but ran out of laps. For Strife, it was his fifth feature win of the season.

Defending Street Stock champion Jimmy Baker made it back-to-back-to-back feature wins, dominating the class in the 15-lap feature. Baker has competed four times in 2018 with the new car, which has finished no worse than second. Some good battles were taking shape behind the leader, but no one could get within striking distance of the eventual winner.

The first three features of the night ran caution-free.

One of the most exciting races of the night came when the Pro Late Models hit the track for their 30-lap highlight. The first caution of the night caused a complete restart and polesitter Jeff Mathews charged forth to take the early lead. Immediately, Travis Varnadore began a challenge on Mathews, going to the bottom for two laps of wheel-to-wheel racing. Varnadore was finally able to break free. Mathews fell to the clutches of a hard charging Steve Mathis Jr., who collected second on lap seven. On subsequent restarts, Mathews was able to bolt ahead of Mathis, only to lose the spot on the backstretch. Last week’s feature winner Kenny Monahan worked his way to fourth, but fell back a few laps later. Mathews and Phillip Cobb were locked in a position battle until Mathews ended up turned around in turn two on lap 22. From there, Mathis renewed his restart charge, but the caution waved for a Monahan spin, setting up the run to the finish. Mathis was able to pull alongside with two laps to go, but a determined Varnadore stayed on purpose to prevail at the end.

After a brief intermission, the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Sprints gathered for their 15-lap feature. Poimnt leader Joe Zuczek ran wire to wire to gather his second career victory, but his first of 2018. The race was not without challengers as Bryan Eckley brought the first charge, but Frank Beck appeared to have Zuczek’s number. As Beck closed in, engine woes began to become obvious and Zuczek escaped to the checkered flag without a serious challenge in the last few laps.

Buck Woodhouse grabbed the early lead in the Late Model Sportsman main, yielding to Phillip Cobb, who moved on the high line to rim ride to the lead. Point leader Forrest Gough began to reel in the leader, capturing the top spot on lap 8. Meanwhile, Daniel Woody was climbing through the field, grabbing second on lap 9. Woody saw an opportunity open up on the low side and swept into the lead on lap 12, boosting him to his second feature win of the year.

The Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified main had a rough start as a turn two spin on the first lap collected half of the field. Most were able to continue on the complete restart, which saw Jeff Mathews slip by Billy Howard for the lead. Mathews would be challenged by point leader Bryan Bernhardt and Phillip Cobb, but the battle between the trailing duo was enough to provide Mathews some breathing room. The end result was Mathews gaining his first win of the year with a car he had used in competition in Batesville, Arkansas the week before.

The V8 Warriors earned the dubious distinction of providing the most drama. Early leader Gary Lucas had to bring the field to the green on a number of restarts, but managed to keep his position every time. Scott Bane, winner of the division’s last feature, endured a wild ride after contact on the front stretch, which sent him to the rear. Bane picked his way forward as attrition started to take its toll. Contact between Michael Hart and George Handy resulted in point leader Handy spinning in turn two. Retribution was saved for the final lap, which freed up Lucas to score what appeared to be his first feature win of the year. The tech man had other ideas as Lucas endured a DQ, handing the win to Bane.

Gladiators closed off the night’s action with Daniel Casey becoming the early leader. Despite breaking a strut early in the race, point leader Daniel Bowman was able to manhandle the car to the lead and record his fifth win of the season.

Action returns to East Bay Raceway Park on Saturday, October 13 with a five-division program.


Feature: Brandon Yates (53), Eric Knight (7V), Billy Dukes Jr. (15), Nick Hebrank (7), Cecil Martin (15), Mark Moniz (41e), Vernon Hart (48), William Hampton (19)


Feature; Kevin Strife (46), Jerod Meyers (0), Matt Wedgewood (4), William Burnside (13), Steve Diamond (9), Dustin Cates (8). DNS – Mike Meyers (7)


Feature: Jim Baker (69x), Tanner Cobb (90), John Bradley (57), Richard Livernois Jr. (71), Henry Burnside (31), Kenny Myers (55)


Feature: Travis Varnadore (95V), Steve Mathis Jr. (95), Phillip Cobb (03), Jeff Mathews (33), Megan Meyer (11M), Kenny Monahan (311), John Norris (87), Josh Peacock (21P), Dustin Perez (8), TJ LaFlamboy (44), Keith Nosbisch (02)


Feature: Joe Zuczek (50), Frank Beck (89), Dylan Colding (23D), Billy Bridges (11B), Bryan Eckley (12), Guy Bos (3K), Mike Steinruck (44A), Kurt Taylor (55), Garrett Green (82)


Feature: Daniel Woody (29), Phillip Cobb (11), Forrest Gough (21), Wesley Livernois (44), Buck Woodhouse (55), Noah Cornman (30)


Feature: Jeff Mathews (33), Phillip Cobb (03), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Dale Kelley (22), Roger Crouse (15), Bill Howard Jr. (47), Rick Hall (53), Pat Passanise (24), Don Crandall (9), Keven Devrieze (99)


Feature: Scott Bane (23B), Jessica Robbins (09X), Michael Hart (99), Wayne Kissam (07), Kalen Maynard (2), Jeff Weaver (26), Bo Anderson (95), Bill Whitney (15), David Parr (36). DQ – Gary Lucas (23), George Handy (105)


Feature: Daniel Bowman (46), Daniel Casey (3D), Kever Raulerson (99R), Brittany Hart (81H), Andrew Hall (99), Robert Kissam (911), Bailey Purcell (14), Jeff Smith (15), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Johnathan Wood (56B), Rick Rutledge Sr. (4), Logan Casteel (7), Steve Ashmore (01)