Dixon Takes the High Line to Victory at East Bay

Racing action resumed at East Bay Raceway Park after an unplanned two-week vacation due to inclement weather. Mother Nature smiled upon the Clay by the Bay for a Saturday program, headlined by the Donnie Tanner Memorial 50-lap main for Pro Late Models.

A field of 19 cars gathered for the start of the event with polesitter Jack Nosbisch Jr. taking the early lead. Keith Nosbisch kept his car down low for second, forcing Phillip Cobb to the top line. Point leader Doug Horton, who started on the outside of the front row, exited the track at the first caution on lap 3 and rejoined at the tail end for the restart. Horton clawed his way toward the front of the field over the course of the next 15 laps, moving into the top five by lap 21. He continued his assault and moved to second behind Jack Nosbisch at the halfway mark. In the meantime, fifth-starting Devin Dixon was a near constant force inside the top five, using the outer edge of the racetrack while most were content to stay on the bottom. A red flag on lap 30 broke the momentum for the field with Horton as the new leader, trailed by Jack Nosbisch, Ivedent Lloyd, Keith Nosbisch and Dixon. Position battles were fierce and Dixon was able to pull into the lead from the outside by lap 38. Despite another caution, no one could catch Dixon, who nearly didn’t run the event. Using a team car to Jeff Mathews, Dixon and his crew thrashed to get the ride ready and made the right set-up calls to charge to victory. Horton came home second, ahead of Jack Nosbisch, Lloyd and Mathews. Heat wins went to Horton, Jack Nosbisch and Keith Nosbisch.

Kevin Strife recorded his second feature win of the season in Micro Sprint racing action. Strife, who also won his preliminary eased out to a wire-to-wire run. Mike Meyers, who finished second, also won his heat race.

The Street Stock action saw Tim Gay notch his second main of the season. Starting on the pole, Gay took advantage of the clear space, but still had to hold off challenges throughout the 15-lap main. Zach Amundsen and john Bradley were heat race winners.

The V8 Warriors lived up to their name with exciting action. Several lead changes throughout the night kept the fans occupied but racing throughout the pack saw a position battle somewhere in the field for every lap. When it was all said and done, Tommy Hill squeezed by George Handy in the late laps to claim his first 2018 win. Handy and point leader Jason Burnside started their nights with heat wins.

East Bay Raceway Park will return to action on Saturday June 9 with the return of the Top Gun Sprints. The winged warriors will be joined by the V8 Warriors, Outlaw 4s, Gladiators and Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association.


Devin Dixon (313), Doug Horton (11), Jack Nosbisch Jr. (12), Ivedent Lloyd (21), Jeff Mathews (33), Adam Boyd (6B), Megan Meyer (11M), Keven Devrieze (99), Roger Crouse (15), TJ LaFlamboy (44), Keith Nosbisch (02), Andrew Hopkins (13H), Noah Cornman (30), Scotty Williams (27W), Thomas Burnside (13), Phillip Cobb (03), Bruce Harvey (27), John Norris (87). DQ-Kenny Monahan (311)


Kevin Strife (46), Mike Meyers (7), Cliff Evans (17), William Burnside (13), Steve Diamond (9), Joe Bartow (3), Chris Livernois Jr. (71), Matt Wedgewood (4). DNS – Mariah Austin (5), Paul Seburn (23)


Tim Gay (90), Zach Amundsen (20), John Bradley (57), Henry Burnside (31), Matt Bozeman (58), Randy Shields (49), Billy Barstow (75), James McPeak (7), Allen Bailey (51), Rich Livernois Sr. (71), David Barwick II (89), Robert Tyler (9)


Tommy Hill (5H), George Handy (105), Raymond Vann (32), Jason Burnside (12J), Michael Hart (99), Nick Brown (12), Jessica Robbins (09), Kalen Maynard (2), Robert Grant (36), Gary Lucas (23). DNS-Jeremy Simpson (73)