Late Model Sportsman Rules & Tire Clarification

Late Model Sportsman

Tire Rule Clarification for beginning of 2018 season

Due to the delay in manufacturing of the Hoosier HTS-1300s, they will not be available until after March 15, 2018.  Therefore, we will allow the Hoosier D-21, D-55, D-70, HTS 1600 or DR 1600 until July 1, 2018.  Grooving and Siping will be allowed only on Hoosier D-21, D-55 or D-70 until July 1, 2018.  No grooving or siping will be allowed on the HTS 1600 or DR 1600.


After July 1, 2018, the tire rule for the Late Model Sportsman class will be the Hoosier HTS Spec 1300 or Spec 1600 only with no grooving, siping or chemical treatment allowed.


NOTE: NO Crate Racing D-21 or Crate Racing D-55 will be allowed to run in the Late Model Sportsman class.  Also, the Hoosier open comp 1300 that the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series used will not be allowed at anytime.

Tire Rule for Florida Late Model events remains only Hoosier D-21, D-55 or D-70.



VORTEC HEADS: In an effort to have the East Bay Raceway Park Late Model Sportsman and the Florida Late Model rules be closer, we are doing away with the Vortec head rules and going strictly with the Florida Late Model rule of “Any steel head meeting the following requirements 1. Chevy 23 degree head +/- 1 degree with no larger than a 1.94” intake valve.”