2017 Outlaw Fours



NO driver may compete in Outlaw Four class and any other division on the same night.  If a driver competes in any other division on another night for six(6) events, he may not return to the Outlaw Four division for the remainder of the season.

A.  SAFETY EQUIPMENT Roll cage – minimum 1 1/2 O.D. tubing (Minimum and thickness .095).
Must have loop behind driver.  One horizontal bar on passenger side.  One horizontal bar connecting front at dash.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  No square tubing.  Three door bars with gusset in driver’s door.


1.  Any four cylinder vehicle as supplied by American manufacture or foreign vehicle sold in USA.  No sport cars.  Maximum wheel base 101″.  No VANS.  No foreign parts or components that are not sold in USA.  No fuel injection or turbo’s.   No rotary engines.  Front wheel drive allowed.
2.  All glass, headlamps, tall lamps and sidelights must be removed.  All interior carpets , headliners, extra seats must be removed.  Dash may be removed and replace with sheet metal/or aluminum.
3.  After market pedals could be used.
4.  Grills may be removed and replaced with sheet metal between hood and bumper.  No sheet metal below bumper.  Gravel shield and radiator support may be removed.Pipe bumpers are authorized.  Max 2″ I.D.  Must be curved back into car even with inside of tire.  NOT to protrude past outside of tire.  No box, channel or angle behind bumper.  Bumper distance from level ground must be uniform for all cars in class.  Bumpers MUST NOT EXCEED WIDTH OF BODY.  Ends must be rounded.  All pipe must be capped and rounded.
FRAMES: Any stock or tube built frame.  Must be steel.  Main frame rails minimum 1 ¾” X .095” wall round tubing or 2” X 2” X .120” wall square tubing.  WEDGE BOLTS OPTIONAL, Steel only.Wheel base: minimum 96”   Maximum 101”
Front and rear bumpers can be no wider than body and must be rounded and capped on ends.  They must be strong enough to lift car with.Must have top and bottom loops to protect fuel cells.Bumpers must have chains on front for lifting.Can tie front and rear frames together.  No offsetting.
All cars must be painted with number on both doors and roof and driver’s name within two weeks from first time racing.  Numbers must be a minimum of 16″ high.
No wings of any type.  No cow catchers or spoilers.  Plastic nose pieces optional.
Damaged sheet metal can be replaced with fabricated metal.
No bars outside of sheet metal.
Protest as outlined in track rule book.

C. ROLL CAGE:  Door bars must be minimum 1 1/2” X .095” wall round tubing (full width cages) 16 gauge steel plate welded or ¼” aluminum plate bolted on outside of drivers’ door bars.Bars must be welded to frame and have 4 protective bars on driver’s side and must have X-brace on passenger side and one door bar.
NO SQUARE TUBING.MUST have 16 gauge steel floor pan from in front of pedals to rear of drivers seat.

D. SUSPENSION:FRONT: Tubular or remanufactured A-frames allowed.Stock front spindles with stock brake rotors and calipers(4 lug only)NO drilling or grinding to lighten spindles, rotors, calipers or A-frames.Any steering box.  Aftermarket racks OK.  Any steel tie rods or heim ends OKAll rod ends must be steel.  Aluminum tie rod sleeves allowed on front only.Any steel ball-joints.One shock per wheel: $75 per shock claim on all shocks.  Claim must be made to flagman immediately after completion of the event.  Claim will be in cash only.  There is three minute time limit after the checkered flag has fallen on this claim.  This can  not be done in the tech area.Strut rods or shocks must be steel.
REAR:Any stock passenger car rear end with 4 lug pattern.Steel spools or welded spider gears OKNO rachet, gold-tracks or quick-tracks in rear ends.One shock per wheel.  One spring per wheel.  2 coils or 2 leafs on rear: NO MIXINGCoil spring cars may run any steel trailing arms with stock eyes or steel heim joints.  Maximum 3 forward links and 1 panhard bar.NO rubber bushings, torque arms or 4-link suspensions.  NO bird cages.Leaf springs may be on sliders in rear.Rear drum brake or disc brake.  Must use stock steel calipers.  Hats may be aluminum.  Rotors may be steel aftermarket (bolt on only)

E.  WHEELS:13” X 8” steel wheels ONLY.8” Bead-lock wheels allowed on right side only.

F.  TIRES:Hoosier 26.5 or 27.5 400 tires are mandatory.ONLY track approved tires as supplied by EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK Racing Tire Division  813/671-4698.


G. ENGINE:  Engine setback: front of head even with ball joints.  NO tolerance allowed to the back.  Can be forward.Engine must be centered in frame.  Measured from upper ball joints to center of head.Maximum of 4 cylinders not to exceed 2300cc with .060 overbore.Engine size must be painted on hood.

H. IGNITION:One 12 volt battery only.Electronic ignition permitted.NO coil packs, crank triggered ignitions or magnetos allowed.MUST have battery disconnect switch.

I. CARBURETOR:One 4412 Holley or smaller carburetor allowed.  MUST PASS TRACK GAUGES.  Spacer and adapter maximum 1.65” including gaskets.ONLY straight type squirters may be used.  NO spider type squirters.

J. INTAKE MANIFOLDStock OEM intake as originally produced by manufacturer.  NO PORTING, POLISHING, OR CLEAN UP OF ANY KIND.  Modification of base of 4412 Holley allowed only when there is no adapter available.  (YOU CANNOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS RULE TO IMPROVE AIRFLOW.  The purpose of this modification is only to connect the carburetor to the intake.)

K:  HEAD:Stock type for engine used.  NO PORTING , POLISHING, OR CLEAN UP OF ANY KIND.  May be milled.  Cylinder head boss may be cut down for short adjusters(2300).  May have 3 angle valve job.  (NO more than 75 degrees)  Valve spring pocket may be cut .0100” deeper or may run long valves; stock head and valve diameter.  Stainless steel valves allowed
HEAD CLAIM SWAP:  Any driver competing in Outlaw 4 for the previous 6 race events and finishing on the lead lap may claim the head of a competitor finishing ahead of him.  The claim price is $600 and your head.  The claim must be made to the head flagman on the front straight immediately following the conclusion of the feature event.  The claimant must give the flagman $600   in cash and specify which car he is claiming head from.  Both cars will then be impounded and pushed to tech and after passing normal tech, and then both cars will remove heads.  The swap shall include head, valves, screw-in or pressed-in studs and cam bearings.  The swap will not include cam, valve springs or keepers.

L. PISTONS:Any 3 ring flat top piston.  Toyota may run  dome pistons.

M. CAMSHAFT:  Any cam and kit. May run adjustable cam sprocket.  NO ROLLER CAMS.\

N. CRANKS:Stock crank for motor used.  May be balanced.  NO other grinding, polishing or lightening of any kind.

O. RODS:Any steel rod permitted.

P. CLUTCH/PRESSURE PLATE:STOCK diameter clutch and pressure plate.  Stock type clutch only.May run solid center disc.Minimum 71/2” in diameter.Hydraulic clutch pedal OK.

Q. FLYWHEEL:Optional, MUST BE STOCK DIAMETER.  Minimum 8lbs.  STEEL ONLY.  No cast iron or aluminum flywheels available.All to be weighed on track scales.

R. WEIGHT:MIMIMUM WEIGHT FOR ALL CARS IS 2150 lbs.All ballast weighing over 10lbs. must be attached with two ½” bolts. Under 10lbs. requires one ½” bolt.All ballast must be painted white and have car number on it.  Preferably stamped into it.NO lead mounted on bumpers.NO car over 2500lbs. will be allowed to compete in the event. (for safety reasons)        S.  BODY:      Steel or aluminum bodies.  Fiberglass roof or hood OK.  Plastic nose OK.NO full wedge noses.  If you make flat plastic nose, it must go straight down from bumper.Must have 14” opening from door to roof.  Both sides.(See body guidelines)If you cannot easily crawl out right side of car from driver’s seat, you will be required to have an escape hatch in roof above driver.
Bodies must be painted and lettered with at least 16” tall numbers on both sides and roof.  NO wings or fins.  NO dash panels closer than 4” to steering wheel.
BODY MEASUREMENTS:Maximum spoiler width is 67”Maximum rear deck height is 36”Maximum roof height is 54”Minimum window opening is 14”Minimum roof size is 36” long (front to back) by 42” wide (side to side).Maximum body width at deck is 67” and 72” at bottom.Maximum hood scoop height is 4”Nose length from center of hub is 46”Rear quarter panel length from center of rear axle is 40”
TREAD WIDTH: 64” measured from true center of tires at spindle height (1” tolerance)72” maximum outside tread width (1” tolerance)

S. SPOILERSMaximum 6” in height.  Maximum 67” width.  Clear Lexan only. 4 braces maximum- 6” high and 16” long.

T. BRAKES:Must have at least 3 working brakes.Any pedals, master cylinders or proportioning valve set up.Front brakes must be stock spindles, calipers and rotors.Rear brakes may run disc brakes.  Must be stock type calipers.  Aftermarket hats (may be aluminum) and steel bolt on rotors.  Must be 4 lug pattern.No drilling of rotors.

U. REAREND:Any stock passenger car rearend. Must remain in stock location, centered in car.  NO offset rearends.  NO quick change, NO cambered rearends.  NO aluminum spools, rachets, Gold Tracks or quick tracks.  NO aluminum tube rearends.

V. DRIVESHAFT:Steel only.  NO aluminum, carbon fibre or exotic materials.MUST have 360 degree driveshaft loop.  Minimum 1” steel round pipe or 1 ½” X ¼” steel flat bar.Driveshaft must be painted white.

W. TRANSMISSION:Standard or Automatic (torque converter included)Must be stock or OEM and unmodified.  Must have all forward gears and reverse in working order.Ford motor to Ford transmission, Chevrolet motor to Chevrolet transmission, etc.

X. FUEL/FUEL CELLFUEL CELL MANDATORY.  12 GALLON MAXIMUM, with foam, must have check valve.  MUST be mounted in 18 gauge steel box with at least 2 straps 1/8” X 2” steel flat bar (surrounding entire fuel cell).   9” Minimum ground clearance.  Rear protection bars above and below bumpers Minimum 1 ¼”  X .095 round tubing.  Fuel cells must be bolted in.  NO rivets or sheet metal screws.  Location of fuel cell must be approved by tech inspector.PUMP FUEL only. NO alcohol, no additives.  No nitro.  Fuel must go from fuel cell to the carburetor and cannot pass thru any performance enhancing devices.  NO electric fuel pumps.Must have fire extinguisher with gauge (FULL) within easy reach of driver or on board fire extinguisher.  No duct tape or plastic ties.

Y. SAFETY:Quick release steering wheel mandatory.Racing seat mandatory (mounted properly and approved by tech inspector).5 point racing seat belts NO OLDER THATN TWO YEARS.Must have full width window screen.  Minimum 1” X 2” Must have window net on driver’s side.Must have 16 gauge steel floor pan from in front of pedals to back of seat, at least 2 inches wider than seat.Radiator must be mounted in front of engine.  Aluminum radiator OK.Helmet must be SNELL 2000 or newer Racing type.  NO motorcycle helmets.Double layer firesuits mandatory.

Z. MUFFLERS: Schoenfeld #112535 or #112530 are mandatory for all cars.
VISUAL PROTESTS:  A visual protest can be made by any driver finishing on the lead lap for $50.00 for one item.  $50.00 cash with written protest to be given to Head tech official within 5 minutes after winning car reaches scales.If protested car is found to be illegal, $50.00 will be returned to protester.If protested car is found to be legal, protested car will receive $30.00 and inspector will receive $20.00.  THIS IS FOR PARTS THAT CAN BE SEEN WITHOUT UNBOLTING PARTS.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF  OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official.
The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate  deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  ANO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding.
On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials.  Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.
The Management of East Bay Raceway Park