Crouse Makes Triumphant Return to Victory Lane

Veteran racer Roger Crouse darted to the outside after an early race restart and took command of the Gagel’s Open Wheel Modified 15-lap, powering on to victory for his first East Bay Modified win in 18 months.

Early race leader Eric Moon kept his car pinned to the bottom throughout the early laps until slipping up the track on lap four. That provided the perfect chance for 2018 track champion Bryan Bernhardt, who slipped through for the lead, only to have the pass negated by a caution flag. On the restart, the pass for the lead came from the outside with Crouse making the move. From there, Crouse was never contested, keeping a steady lead over Bernhardt. Billy Howard and Bernhardt opened the night with heat victories.

Repeat winners proved to be the theme for most of the remaining classes. Forrest Gough (Late Model Sportsman), Robby Hoffmann (Mini-Sprints) and Kever Raulerson (Studio Red Salon Gladiators) all backed up wins from their division’s opening night with a second visit to the winner’s circle.

Gough had to hunt down second-generation racer Tanner Cobb and did so successfully to move out front. Heat winner Jimmy Waldrop appeared to be Gough’s biggest threat, but a mid-race incident took Waldrop out of contention. Cobb recorded his second consecutive runner-up finish.

For Hoffmann, it didn’t take long to shoot down the hopes of second generation racer Austin Craddock as Hoffmann swept to the front by the second lap. The closest pursuit came from Zach Amundsen, who turned around the misfortune of the opening night with a strong second. Hoffmann and Joe Askew opened the night with wins in the preliminary.

Raulerson capitalized on the misfortune of race leader Bailey Purcell, who tangled with lapped traffic on lap 13 of the 15-lap main. The two front runners made contact, but Raulerson was able to continue, inheriting the lead. A late race battle between Daniel Bowman and Logan Casteel resulted in Casteel, the 2018 Rookie of the Year, crossing for a career best second place. Bowman and Raulerson picked up track points for their heat wins.

Gary Lucas made a return to the winner’s circle, claiming the V-8 Warrior main event. The race was a picture of consistency for Lucas, who focused on finding the fast line and repeating it every lap. Heat winner Scott Bane was in hot pursuit, but could not sum up the power to close in on Lucas.

Dan Darnell scored the Florida Old Time Modified main after Jamie Frankland was best in the heat.

Gagel’s Modifieds

Feature: Roger Crouse (15), Bryan Bernhardt (B69), Eric Moon (18), Austin Sanders (64), Garret Stewart (67), Buzzie Reutimann (00), Drew Jackson (08), Pat Passanise (19), Jimmy Baker (69x), Keven DeVrieze (99), Jerry Bourland (777), Dale Kelley (22), Billy Howard (47). DQ – Kenny Monahan.

Late Model Sportsman

Feature: Forrest Gough (21), Tanner Cobb (03), K.D. Kelley (00), Buck Woodhouse (55), Jimmy Waldrop (9), Scotty Williams (27W)


Feature: Robby Hoffmann (66), Zach Amundsen (12), Austin Craddock (17), Jamie Tinkham (51), Dusty Cates (6), Joe Askew (78J), Bruce Comer (21), Dirk Miller (68), David Hall (67), Brad Sutton (9), Steve Diamond (9D), Joe Bartow (3)

Studio Red Gladiators

Feature: Kever Raulerson (99R), Logan Casteel (7), Daniel Bowman (46), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Kayla Handy (8), Bailey Purcell (14), Ricky Rutledge Sr. (4), Alyssa Grant (36G), Tim Maiden (91), Trevor Johnson (05), Fred Wilson (18), Kipp Cooper (69), David Wood (21W), Patrick Fiore Sr. (3). DNS – Robert Kissam (911)

V-8 Warriors

Feature: Gary Lucas (23), Scott Bane (23B), Jason Burnside (12J), George Handy (105), Justin Meeks (10), Wayne Kissam (07), Nate Whitehurst (07W). DNS – Nick Brown.

Florida Old Time Modifieds

Feature: Dan Darnell (111), Jamie Frankland (1), David Kelley (46), Tom McDonald (22), Charlie Sanders (7A), Danny Bowman (00)

Tom White

We would like to give our deepest sympathy to the family of Tom White.  Tom passed away yesterday (March 15).  Tom was a car fabricator and previous driver at several tracks.  Please keep his family in your prayers at this time.  Announcement for his service will be posted as soon as we receive it.

Nosbisch Repeats in East Bay Pro Late Models

The second night of the 2019 season saw another five-division program with the Pro Late Models being the only class to repeat. Keith Nosbisch made it two-for-2019 as he backed up last week’s 30-lap Pro Late Model win another stop in Victory Lane Saturday night.

Nosbisch won his heat and dominated the main event, leading all 30-laps with only five cars still on the lead lap at the race’s end. “We left the car just like it was last week,” said Nosbisch in Victory Lane. “My crew isn’t here with me tonight, so I have some different help here and we got the win.”

Nosbisch was joined on the front row for the main event by Kenny Monahan, who earned the spot with a heat race win. Monahan was in contention until a spin while battling 2018 track champion Phillip Cobb for second. Cobb would go to claim second in the main with Dustin Perez scoring his second straight top five run by claiming third.

Nick Hebrank, who competed in the Outlaw 4 class in 2018, stepped into a Street Stock for the first time and made an impressive debut in winning the 15-lap main. Hebrank started last in his heat race and picked up a little experience, then capitalized on that to lead from the start. Heat race winner Mike Wilson had some early race troubles that dropped him from contention. Matt Bozeman powered past Billy Barstow for second on a lap three restart, but could not catch Hebrank.

The Late Model Sportsman opener saw 2018 champion Forrest Gough continue his winning ways. Gough, who claimed most of the late season victories in 2018, swept past early leader Tanner Cobb to claim the victory. Gough solidified his point lead for the new season with a heat win.

2019 Winternationals feature winner Larry Rarer needed every lap of the 15-lap main in the Micro Sprints to make a return to Victory Lane. William Burnside was the class of the field until Rarer was abole to chase him down in lapped traffic. Burnside held the lead as the du passed under the white flag, but Rarer ducked inside lapped traffic and gained the advantage. Heats were won by Rarer and 14-year-old Colin Strife, making his first start in a dirt track race.

Heat race winners Brandon Yates and Eric Knight battled in an even matchup throughout the 15-lap Outlaw 4 main event. Yates, who won the track championship by four points in 2018, was unable to escape the tenacious attack of Knight. The margin stayed constant lap after lap with the outcome uncertain until the checkered flag came out.

Racing resumes on Saturday, March 16 as the Gagel’s Modifieds, Late Model Sportsman, V-8 Warriors, Studio Red Salon Gladiators, Wingless Mini-Sprints and Florida Old Time Modifieds take the track. Top finishers from 2018 in Wingless Mini Sprints, Gagel’s Modifieds and Late Model Sportsman will be honored.


Feature: Keith Nosbisch (02), Phillip Cobb (71), Dustin Perez (8), Jesse Brown (7jr), Thomas Burnside (13B), Bryce Alexander (8x), Jason Russell (75R), Billy Boyd Sr. (3), Keven Devrieze (99), Kenny Monahan (311), Jason Pope (102), Doug Horton (46)


Feature: Nick Hebrank (24), Matt Bozeman (58), Billy Barstow (56), Mark Roadarmel (75B), Jerry Bruce (12), William Pugh (15), Allen Bailey (51), Thomas Braswell (67), Mike Wilson (68)


Feature: Forrest Gough (21), Tanner Cobb (03), Daniel Woody (29), Buck Woodhouse (55)


Feature: Larry Rarer (97z), William Burnside (13), William Brannan (60), Colin Strife (46), Paul Seburn (23), Mike Meyers (7), Jerod Meyers (0), Chris Livernois Jr. (71), Doug Dyal (97D), Chris Diamond (9), Corey Dyal (00D). DNS – Joe Bartow (3)


Feature: Brandon Yates (53), Eric Knight (7), Cecil Martin (15), Stephen Hohlbaugh (23S), Michael Ridgeway (47), Robert Schrunk (03), Trey Ford (40F), Candice Kealy (D4R), Alan Weeks (5). DNS – Christopher Thomas (27)

For Your Parts and Fuel Needs

East Bay Raceway is pleased to be associated with Dave Poske Performance Parts in 2019

During the regular season, on weeks when East Bay is racing, the Poske location, conveniently located near the pit entrance, will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Kelley, Nosbisch Claim East Bay Season Openers

After a brief hiatus following the 43rd annual Winternationals, East Bay Raceway Park swung into action for the 2019 season. The five-division program saw many competitors utilizing the night to get back into the swing of things. New faces joined regulars in Victory Lane to get the season started.

Dale Kelley drove his new Lethal Chassis to victory in the 15-lap Gagel’s Modifieds feature event. Kelley, who competed with the new car during the 2019 Winternationals, recorded his second career main. Kelley took the lead on the initial start with the first challenge coming from heat race winner Austin Sanders. Unfortunately, Sanders spun on lap 2 an ended up falling back 10 spots. Heat race winner Garret Stewart inherited second, but Kelley was able to motor out on restarts to avoid any serious challenges throughout the race. Billy Howard Jr., who was unable to compete in his heat race, started deep in the field and moved within the top five in short order. Howard was coming on strong, but could not catch Kelley. Meanwhile, Sanders carved his way back through the field, but his challenge ran out of laps.

Keith Nosbisch ducked to the inside on lap 10 as race leader Doug Horton was pinned outside by a pair of lapped cars, putting Nosbisch up front in the 30-lap Pro Late Model main. Horton could not mount a serious challenge as Nosbisch powered on to claim the victory. In Victory Lane, Nosbisch pointed out that there were issues with the car during the heat race, but his crew was able to get the situation turned around to the Horton and 2018 track champion Phillip Cobb started their night with heat race wins.

Robby Hoffmann kept the momentum from the Winternationals as his drive to victory in the  Mini Sprints proved to be superior. Hoffmann took the lead from the start and never faced a serious challenge with only four cars on the lead lap by the end of the 15-lap main. Hoffmann had won his heat race as did Steve Diamond, who spent most of the main in second until a lap 13 incident moved him back to fourth at the finish.

Jason Burnside won his heat race, then joined the top finisher in the V-8 Warrior class of 2018 for the awards presentation. Burnside was credited with third in 2018, but he will be the point leader after one week, thanks to an impressive run in the V-8 Warrior main. Burnside joined fellow heat winner Nick Brown on the front row and managed to get in front of Brown to complete lap one. With some breathing room, Burnside focused on keeping the car in the preferred line at the bottom. Behind him, there were good position battles involving Jessica Robbins, 2018 division champion George Handy and eventually Scott Bane. None of the action would have an effect on the outcome as Burnside claimed the victory.

The Studio Red Salon Gladiators featured an exciting late race pass that changed the outcome of the race. Thomas Adams led the bulk of the contest until Kever Raulerson pulled off a lap 13 pass in the 15-lap main. Raulerson, a four-time winner in 2018, was driving a brand new car and has joined forces with fellow competitor Johnathan Wood for 2019. Defending division champion Daniel Bowman, also in a new car, and Robert Kissam won their heat races.

The action continues Saturday, March 9 as the Pro Late Models, Late Models Sportsman, Street Stocks, Outlaw 4s and Micro Sprints gather for action. The top finishers of 2018 in Street Stocks, Outlaw 4s and Micro Sprints will be honored at intermission.



Feature: Keith Nosbisch (02), Doug Horton (46), Phillip Cobb (03), Dustin Perez (8), Thomas Burnside (13B), John Norris (87), Bryce Alexander (8x), Wallace Peacock (21w), Jesse Brown (7), Jason Russell (75R), Austin Keehan (110)


Feature: Dale Kelley (22), Billy Howard Jr. (47), Austin Sanders (64), Garret Stewart (67), Drew Jackson (08), Eric Moon (18), Seth Geary (7G), Buzzie Reutimann (00), Keven Devrieze (99), Pat Passanise (19), Jerry Bourland (777), Michael Cherry (17c). DNS – Don Crandall (9c)


Feature: Robby Hoffmann (66), Jamie Tinkham (51), David Hall (67), Steve Diamond (9D), Austin Craddock (17), Bruce Comer (21), Brad Sutton (9), Joe Bartow (3), Ronnie Whitley (84), Dirk Miller (68), Joe Askew (78j). DNS – Zach Amundsen (12)


Feature: Jason Burnside (12J), Jessica Robbins (09x), George Handy (18), Scott Bane (23B), Gary Lucas (23), Raymond Vann (1), Michael Hart (99), Wayne Kissam (07), Jeff Weaver (26), Brian Danforth (55), Nick Brown (12), Kalen Maynard (2), Collin Kruse (1K)


Feature: Kever Raulerson (99R), Thomas Adams (T2), Ricky Rutledge Jr. (124), Kayla Handy (8), Patrick Fiore Sr. (3), Rodney Martin (21), Robert Kissam (911), Leon Coulter (91), Logan Casteel (7), Rick Rutledge Sr. (4), Kyle Bowman (46K), Brittany Hart (81), Zavier Safie (40), Johnathan Wood (99W), Alyssa Grant (36G), Daniel Bowman (46), Bailey Purcell (14), Fred Wilson (18), David Wood (21W). DNS – Tabitha Rutledge (124)