McCarl Crowned King of the 360s












Gibsonton, FL – Feb. 17, 2018 –

The 42nd annual Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park concluded with the running of the Ronald Laney Memorial King of the 360s and it was a familiar face beneath the crown who was holding the scepter.

Iowa racer Terry McCarl logged his third title in the hotly contested event, utilizing his pole starting spot and mastery of traffic to claim the victory. McCarl added the 2018 triumph to victories in 2006 and 2016.

McCarl had scored a pair of fourth place finishes leading into the weekend finale, good enough to earn his place among the top six in points who locked into the 40-lap A Main.  Prior to the drawing for starting positions, McCarl expressed a desire not to be the one to lead the field to the green, but a young fan reached down and pulled the number one position. McCarl would start on the front row with Pennsylvania’s Tim Shaffer on the outside.

The first caution flew on lap one for a spin involving Danny Martin Jr. and Phil Gressman, who were both able to continue. On the restart, McCarl moved out with the trio of Thomas Kennedy, Mark Smith and Shaffer in hot pursuit. Another yellow for a four-car incident slowed the pace, but the field would endure a long green flag period that forced the frontrunners to mingle with lapped traffic. McCarl masterfully picked his way through, but could not build a substantial lead through the mid-stages. Shaffer darted past Smith and Kennedy to give chase from second. The final caution flew on lap 27, setting the stage for late race drama. Shaffer closed and caught McCarl going into turn one on lap 37. The pass did not stick as McCarl regained control on the backstretch and pushed on for the win.

Shaffer in second was chased by Kennedy, Smith and two-time King of the 360s Wayne Johnson.

Robby Hoffman backed up his Thursday victory in the Mini Sprints with a strong run in the 25-lap main. Hoffman bypassed early race leader Whitey Kidd and darted through traffic to successfully hide from challengers. Kidd finished third behind Tyler Walton.

ASCS 360 Sprints A Main “King of the 360s Ronald Laney Memorial” Results

Feature (40 laps) – 1. 24 – Terry McCarl; 2. 49x – Tim Shaffer; 3. 21k – Thomas Kennedy; 4. 1M – Mark Smith; 5. 2C – Wayne Johnson; 6. 16B -Max Stambaugh; 7. 1 – Travis Rilat; 8. 3A – A.J. Maddox; 9. 89 – Robbie Stillwaggon; 10. 4 – Danny Smith; 11. 47x – Dylan Westbrook; 12. 28 – Phil Gressman; 13. 61-Parker Evans; 14. 82 – Matt Kurtz; 15. 5 – Andy Teunessen; 16. 43 – Derek Hagar; 17.  77x – Alex Hill; 18. 10 – Mitch Brown; 19. 49 – Shawn Dancer; 20. 20B – Cody Bova; 21. 24M – Danny Martin Jr.; 22. 17w – Harli White; 23. 7 – Carson McCarl; 24. 28c – John Carney

Heats – Martin, Rilat, Johnson

B Mains – Westbrook, Brown










Mini Sprints (Top 5) – 1. 66 Robby Hoffman 2. 68T Tyler Walton; 3. 46 Whitey Kidd ; 4. 97 Luke Thomas; 5. 3 Micah McCall

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Mark Smith Snatches the Win on Night 2 at East Bay Raceway Park

Gibsonton, FL (February 16, 2018) – Dylan Westbrook looked well on his way to victory on night 2 of the ASCS 360 Sprints at the 42nd Annual Winternationals from East Bay Raceway Park, until the final lap when lapped traffic and a strong run by Mark Smith on his final laps surprised everyone by edging out Westbrook for the win.
Smith was joined by his crew and his Parents in Victory Lane, and made sure to thank his wife and new baby back home in Sanbury, PA. Westbrook had to settle for 2nd, and with his 3rd place finish, night one winner Alex Kennedy closed in on capturing place the King of the 360’s Championship with a good finish in tomorrow night’s finale.
Terry McCall and AJ Maddox rounded out the top 5.

Mini-Sprint action was eerily similar to the action for the 360’s as it looked like Robby Hoffman was clearly on his way to back-to-back victories after dominating the majority of the 25 lap A-Main. Unfortunately, lapped traffic also took a hand by allowing Luke Thomas to squeeze by Hoffman right at the finish line for the Night-2 win. Tyler Walton, Kameron Morral and Matt Carr rounded out the top 5.
The 42nd Annual Winternationals from the “Clay by the Bay” will conclude tomorrow night after the King of the 360’s is crowned.

ASCS 360 Sprints and Mini-Sprint action gets back underway tomorrow with Hot Laps beginning at 6pm and racing starting promptly at 7:00.

ASCS 360 Sprints A-Main Results:
Feature (25-Laps):
1. 1M – Mark Smith; 2. 47X Dylan Westbrook; 3. 21k – Thomas Kennedy; 4. 24 – Terry McCarl; 5. 3A – AJ Maddox; 6. 49X – Tim Schaeffer; 7. 16B – Max Strambaugh; 8. 1 – Travis Rilat; 9. 2C – Wayne Johnson; 10. 22G – Johnny Gilbertson; 11. 24M – Danny Martin 12. 4 – Danny Smith; 13. 61 – Parker Evans; 14. 48 – Phill Gressman; 15. 7 – Carson McCarl; 16. 16M – Justin Hoffman; 17. 7S – Jason Sides; 18. 10 – Mitch Brown; 19. 23 – Seth Bergman; 20. 89 – Robbie Stillwaggon; 21. 20B – Cody Bova; 22. 10G – Terry Gray 23. 77X – Alex Hill

ASCS 360 Sprints Heat Race Winners:
Heat Race 1. 3A – AJ Maddox; Heat Race 2. 47X – Dylan Westbrook; Heat Race 3. 16M – Justin Hoffman; Heat Race 4. 49X – Tim Schaeffer

Kennedy Blows Through Traffic for Night 1 ASCS 360 Sprint Win at East Bay Raceway Park

Gibsonton, FL (2/15/2018) – Thomas Kennedy took the lead on lap 1 and while rarely challenged from behind, the Winnipeg, Manitoba quickly found his struggle with lapped traffic he rapidly encountered during night 1 of the ASCS King of the 360’s Championship at the 42nd Annual Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park. Kennedy paid tribute to the local short tracks near his home for his experience and uncanny ability to effortlessly handle 2 and 3 wide traffic, which was the only impediment that threatened to slow down his incredible performance leading to his night one victory.

While it was hard to take your focus away from Kennedy as he totally held the crowd breathless, there was additional extremely entertaining racing from Mark Smith, Tim Schaeffer, Terry McCarl, and Robbie Stillwagon that was a performance unto itself. They each took turns with “slide-jobs” that kept crowd on their feet and the finish in question until the final laps.
Local Florida drivers Danny Martin, Jr and AJ Maddox maneuvered their way through the extremely tight field for a 6th and 8th place finish respectively, while Max Strambaugh from Chilicothe, OH slotted his 16B in-between the two for a solid 7th place finish. Travis Rilat and Wayne Johnson rounded out the top 10.

Lithia, FL driver Robbie Smith was also in control from the beginning in his 25 Lap Mini-Sprint A-Main Feature. Similar to the ASCS 360 Sprints, the most intense battle was behind the leader as Matt Carr, Jim Young and Whitey Kidd all swapped positions before they settled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th, while Smithsburg, MD driver Cameron Morral driver rounded out the top 5.

ASCS 360 Sprints and Mini-Sprint action gets back underway tomorrow with Hot Laps beginning at 6pm and racing starting promptly at 7:00.

ASCS 360 Sprints A-Main Results:
Feature (25-Laps):
1. 21k – Thomas Kennedy; 2. 1M – Mark Smith; 3. 49X – Tim Shaffer; 4. 24 – Terry McCarl; 5. 89 – Robbie Stillwaggon; 6. 24M – Danny Martin Jr; 7. 16B – Max Stambaugh; 8. 3A – Aj Maddox; 9. 1 – Travis Rilat; 10. 2C – Wayne Johnson; 11. 20B – Cody Bora; 12. 43 – Derek Hagar; 13. 24D – Danny Sams Iii; 14. 4 – Danny Smith; 15. 10G – Terry Gray; 16. 17W – Harli White; 17. 28 – Phil Gressman; 18. 61 – Parker Evans; 19. 22G – Johnny Gilbertson; 20. 16M – Justin Hoffman; 21. 28C – John Carney; 22. 82 – Matt Kurtz; 23. 7S – Jason Sides; 24. 77x – Alex Hill

ASCS 360 Sprints Heat Race Winners:
Heat Race 1. 49X – Tim Schaeffer; Heat Race 2. 1 – Travis Rilat; 3. 89 – Robbie Stillwagon; 4. 1M – Mark Smith

Mini-Sprint A-Main Results:
Feature (25 Laps):
1. 66 – Robby Hoffman; 2. 93 – Matt Carr; 3. 8 – Jim Young; 4. 46 – Whitey Kidd, III; 5. 880 – Cameron Morral; 6. 28 – Conner Morrell; 7. 68T – Tyler Walton; 8. 17 – Austin Craddock; 9. 86 – Russ Heider; 10. 11S – Ian Schroeder; 11. 67 – David Hall; 12. 30 – John Crowder; 13. 3Z – Terry Peters; 14. 5 – Justin Rabon; 15. 20J – Jagger Parker; 16. 51 – Jeremy Finegan; 17. 45 – Kenny Brewler; 18. 1 – Freddie McCall, Jr; 19. 97 – Luke Thomas; 20. 3J – Bryant Paver; 21. 64 – Adam Barnes, DNS; 22. 3 – Micha McCall, DNS; 23. 5 – Jordan Howey, DNS

Bronson Bags Biggest Career Victory During East Bay Finale!

For Immediate Release – February 10th, 2018 – Tampa, Florida – FYE Motorsports Promotions

The sixth and final night of the 42nd annual Wrisco Industries Winternationals presented by E3 Spark Plugs at the East Bay Raceway Park just outside of Tampa, Florida saw 52 cars sign in for competition.

For the second night in a row, Billy Moyer Jr. was the Miller Welders fast qualifier with a lap of 13.361 seconds before Jonathan Davenport, Josh Richards, Earl Pearson Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Scott Bloomquist and Moyer Jr won the six qualifying heat races.

Darrell Lanigan and Jimmy Owens won the twin b-mains while Mike Benedum won the Strawberry Dash, setting the 26 car field for the night’s $12,000 to win, 60-lap main event.

Davenport and Moyer Jr. paced the star studded field to the green in with JD jumping into the early race lead. He lead the first three laps before Moyer Jr. swept by to the lead. Moyer Jr lead laps four through ten before 8th starting Scott Bloomquist snatched the top spot on lap 11. Bloomquist lead through lap 26 until Josh Richards assumed the lead on lap 27 and lead through lap 41 when Brandon Overton jumped out front and lead from laps 42 through 53 when 10th starting Kyle Bronson raced his way by as the capacity crowd erupted with approval. Bronson survived two late race cautions and a charging Davenport to pull off the incredibly popular victory at his home race track. Davenport, Overton, Richards and Earl Pearson Jr., who rallied from a mid race pit stop to finish fifth. The event was slowed by 12 cautions, which kept the field bunched up and created a wildly entertaining main event. The win was Bronson’s first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series victory, the biggest paying win of his career and he dedicated it to the late Bo Hammond, who passed away recently. Longhorn Chassis swept the top three finishing positions.

Feature finish: Kyle Bronson, Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Overton, Josh Richards, Earl Pearson Jr., Scott Bloomquist, Devin Moran, Brandon Sheppard, Darrell Lanigan, Gregg Satterlee, Joey Moriarty, Ryan King, Hudson O’Neal, Boom Briggs, Jimmy Owens, Dennis Erb Jr., Mike Maresca, Bobbyu Pierce, Billy Moyer Jr., Mike Benedum, Tyler Erb, Morgan Bagley, Don O’Neal, Tim McCreadie, Dustin Mitchell, Jason Jameson

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Davenport Denies Richards For Second East Bay Win

For Immediate Release – February 9th, 2018 – FYE Motorsports Promotions

A great field of 54 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series competitors, the most since 2011, signed in for the Friday night portion of the 42nd annual Wrisco Industries Winternationals presented by E3 Spark Plugs at East Bay Raceway Park just outside of Tampa, Florida under perfect conditions with Billy Moyer Jr. topping the field in Miller Welders qualifying with a lap of 14.393 seconds. Moyer Jr. then backed up his fast time award by winning the first heat race and putting his #21jr on the pole for the night’s $10,000 to win, 50-lap main event. Earl Pearson Jr., Bobby Pierce, Josh Richards, Kyle Bronson and Jonathan Davenport won the other five heat races before Chub Frank and Brandon Overton topped the pair of b-mains. Chase Junghans won the Strawberry Dash to set the 26-car starting grid.

Josh Richards got the jump on pole sitter Billy Moyer Jr. on the outset of the 50-lapper and paced the field over the first five circuits, while Moyer settled into second early. On lap six, Moyer swept to the low side of Richards for the lead and took command for the next three laps before Richards snuck back by for the top spot again on lap #9. Josh then lead until the first caution of the event flew on lap 11 for fifth place running Bronson, who suffered a flat right rear tire. Dennis Erb Jr. also went pit side with a flat tire and Darrell Lanigan retired with engine troubles under the lap 11 caution period.

On the restart, Richards again took off as the leader with Moyer, Davenport, Gregg Satterlee and Pearson Jr all in a tremendous battle just behind Richards’ #1 car. Richards continued to pace the field for the next 21 laps while the remainder of the field jockeyed for position behind. The second and final caution flew on lap 32 for a Chase Junghans breakdown, setting up an 18-lap run to the checkered.

On this restart, Davenport blasted by Richards on the outside for the lead and lead lap 33 before Richards swooped back by to the point on lap 34. Richards then went on to lead, while negotiating lapped traffic until Davenport put his #49 on the cushion with less than 10 laps to go and began to mount one final push. Davenport worked and worked around the cushion until he was able to pull alongside Richards on lap 47 and steal the lead for good with three laps to go. Davenport went on to pick up his second win of the week by .726 seconds over Richards, Satterlee, Moyer and Zeigler, who came home with top five finishes. Brandon Sheppard, who started 21st and Jimmy Owens, who rolled off 23rd charged through the field to 6th and 7th place finishes.

Feature finish: Jonathan Davenport, Josh Richards, Gregg Satterlee, Billy Moyer Jr., Mason Zeigler, Brandon Sheppard, Jimmy Owens, Brandon Overton, Don O’Neal, Earl Pearson Jr., Bobby Pierce, Tim McCreadie, Devin Moran, Tyler Erb, Hudson O’Neal, Scott Bloomquist, Dennis Erb Jr., Chub Frank, Boom Briggs, Kyle Bronson, Allen Murray, Chase Junghans, Jason Jameson, Dustin Mitchell, Darrell Lanigan, Matt Cosner

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Sheppard Storms From 21st To East Bay Victory Lane


For Immediate Release – February 8th, 2018 – FYE Motorsports Promotions


In another picture perfect weather day in the Tampa Bay area, the largest field of the week assembled in the pit area on the Thursday portion of the 42nd annual Wrisco Industries presented by E3 Spark Plugs.


Kyle Bronson topped the 53 car field in Miller Welders qualifying with a lap of 14.501 seconds before Scott Bloomquist, Jimmy Owens, Gregg Satterlee, Bronson, Billy Moyer Jr. and Josh Richards won the six qualifying heats. Jonathan Davenport and Mike Maresca topped the two b-mains and Austin Hubbard won the Strawberry Dash to set the 26-car starting grid for the $7,000 to win, 40-lap main event.


Bloomquist and Bronson paced the field to the green, but 3rd starting Owens snatched the lead on the opening lap and lead the first two circuits before the caution flew for a multiple car crash in turn three, slowing the action early in the main. On the restart, another caution flew for debris before the field fired back to life with Bronson diving under Owens in turn one, taking the lead with his #40b. Kyle would go on to the lead the next two laps before 9th starting Tyler Erb would swoop by into the top spot.

Erb took off at the front of the field and lead until a lap 15 caution for Tuesday night winner Davenport bunched the field once again. On the start, Erb again went back to the point and continued to lead as 21
starting Brandon Sheppard appeared in the top five. Erb continued to lead until Sheppard swept by on lap 21 to take the top spot before a caution for Billy Moyer Jr. appeared on lap 23.

Sheppard went back to work out front and survived a pair of late race cautions on lap 32 and 34 to lead to the checkered and win from his 11
th row starting spot. Sheppard was involved in a wreck in his heat race, stormed from 11th to 2nd in the b-main and charged from 21st to win the $7,000 main event. Bloomquist pushed Sheppard in the late stages of the event to come home second with Devin Moran racing from 11th to third ahead of 6th starting Josh Richards and Erb, who rounding out the top five.  


Feature finish: Brandon Sheppard, Scott Bloomquist, Devin Moran, Josh Richards, Tyler Erb, Brandon Overton, Jimmy Owens, Earl Pearson Jr., Chub Frank, Bobby Pierce, Kyle Bronson, Morgan Bagley, Darrell Lanigan, Mike Maresca, Dennis Erb Jr., Timothy Culp, Brian Shirley, Billy Moyer Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Don O’Neal, Austin Hubbard, Jonathan Davenport, Jason Jameson, Hudson O’Neal, Boom Briggs, Dustin Mitchell

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Overton Overhauls Richards For First East Bay Win

For Immediate Release – February 7th, 2018 – FYE Motorsports Promotions

For the first time since 2011, over 50 competitors entered the Wednesday night portion of the 42nd annual Wrisco Industries Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Winternationals presented by E3 Spark Plugs at East Bay Raceway Park just outside of Tampa, Florida.

Another beautiful weather day greeted fans and drivers alike as Salem, West Virginia veteran Mike Benedum topped the 51 car field in Miller Welders qualifying with a 14.524 second lap before Jimmy Owens, Josh Richards, Gregg Satterlee, Brandon Overton, Dennis Erb Jr. and Jonathan Davenport won the six qualifying heat races. Kyle Bronson and Mason Zeigler won the twin b-mains and Brandon Sheppard picked up the victory in the night’s Strawberry Dash to set the 26 car starting grid for the 40-lap, $7,000 to win main event.

Owens and Overton sat on the front row and lead the field to the green with Owens taking his #20 car to the lead on the opening lap after a false start kept the field bunched up for a restart. Owens would go on to lead the first three circuits before third starting Richards took command on lap four and lead until a lap 9 caution for a Boom Briggs/Mike Benedum crash on the front stretch slowed the action.

Once the field was realigned, Richards again took the lead and paced the field while Overton and Satterlee were in a tremendous battle for second just behind the leader. Davenport and Bobby Pierce were in their own scramble for fourth just behind the top four as well. Richards kept the field at bay until the second and final caution flag waved on lap 17 for a three car tangle on the backstretch between Scott Bloomquist, Mason Zeigler and Shane Tankersley.

On the restart, Richards again blasted back to the lead with Overton in tow. Josh lead the next 8 laps until Overton was able to make his move as the lead duo entered turn number three on lap 25. Overton swept by Richards into the lead and never looked back, racing the final 15 circuits out front en route to his first ever victory at the Clay by the Bay. Richards would come home in second with Satterlee third. Davenport and 10th starting Pierce would finish out the top five.

Feature finish: Brandon Overton, Josh Richards, Gregg Satterlee, Jonathan Davenport, Bobby Pierce, Dennis Erb Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Tyler Erb, Kyle Bronson, Darrell Lanigan, Jesse Stoval, Brandon Sheppard, Austin Hubbard, Devin Moran, Brian Shirley, Scott Bloomquist, Earl Pearson Jr., Hudson O’Neal, Timothy Culp, Mike Benedum, Shane Tankersley, Jimmy Owens, Mason Zeigler, Tim McCreadie, Don O’Neal, Boom Briggs

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Davenport Denies Overton’s Last Lap Slider

Jonathan Davenport withstands Brandon Overton’s last lap slide job to win night #2 at East Bay!

For Immediate Release – February 6th, 2018 – FYE Motorsports Promotions

The box score will show that Blairesville, Georgia racer Jonathan Davenport lead all 30 laps, but his first win for Lance Landers Motorsports LLC did not come easy as he had to maneuver around a monster cushion and withstand a last lap slide job from second place running Brandon Overton to pick up the $5,000 paycheck during the Tuesday night portion of East Bay Raceway Park’s 42nd annual Winternationals.

Davenport topped Miller Welders Qualifying with a lap of 14.301 seconds over the 46 car field before Gregg Satterlee, Timothy Culp, Davenport and Kyle Bronson won the four qualifying heat races. Josh Richards and Earl Pearson Jr. won the twin b-mains and Chase Junghans topped the Strawberry Dash to set the 26 car starting grid for the 30-lap finale.

Satterlee and Davenport paced the field to the green and Davenport jumped to the lead on the start and set a torrid pace out front, getting into lapped traffic on lap 8 before the first caution of the event flew on lap 11 for a Tim Dohm backstretch crash. On the restart, Davenport again jumped to the lead with a wild scramble taking place behind him throughout the field. The intensity continued for the next eleven laps with two and three wide action all around the oval. The second and final caution flew on lap 22 when Brandon Overton and Gregg Satterlee, who were in a dog fight for second touched on the backstretch, sending Satterlee spinning and ending his great run. On the restart with just 8 circuits remaining, Davenport again took off but Overton hung with him and tried a last lap hail-mary slider but came up just a bit short as Davenport crossed under the checkered flag first. Overton raced from 10th to 2nd ahead of 9th starting Brandon Sheppard, 17th starting Josh Richards and 8th starting Tyler Erb. Bobby Pierce had the crowd on it’s collective feet as he stormed from 24th to 6th at the checkered as well.

Feature finish: Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Overton, Brandon Sheppard, Josh Richards, Tyler Erb, Bobby Pierce, Kyle Bronson, Devin Moran, Earl Pearson Jr., Timothy Culp, Billy Moyer Jr., Austin Hubbard, Scott Bloomquist, Chase Junghans, Tim McCreadie, Mason Zeigler, Hudson O’Neal, Boom Briggs, Brian Shirley, Carder Miller, Gregg Satterlee, Dennis Erb Jr., Jason Jameson, Jesse Stovall, Tim Dohm